Your Complete Guide To Dressing For A Music Festival

Heading to a music festival this summer? Not sure what to wear? Let us help you plan the perfect festival outfit with our complete guide.

Festival season has arrived – rejoice! If
you’re heading out to dance in the sun to your favorite tunes this summer, you
may be wondering – ‘what on earth do I wear?’

While we’re all familiar with the usual
festival looks – think glitter, boho, and grunge – there’s a fine line between
looking festival-cool and getting it completely wrong.

Don’t panic – we’re here to help. Welcome
to our complete guide to dressing for a music festival this summer. Here’s to
packing smart, looking incredible, and having the best time of your life!

Maintain Your Own Sense of Style

One of the best tips to focus on whatever
you do decide to wear to a festival is that your attire should always fit your
sense of style.

Yes, we understand that you don’t rock the glitter
boho fairy look every day. But perhaps your daily style does incorporate a bit
of boho flair?

As you’re heading to a festival, the best
way to plan your outfit is to simply take your usual style up a notch (or

If you normally go for a slightly casual
grungy look, this can mean you can dress like a Rockstar to the next festival. By
amplifying your usual sense of style, you’ll still feel comfortable in yourself
while standing out and looking festival-ready.

Go for a Theme

If you feel comfortable enough, why not go
for a theme? Many festivals run their own themes and it’s a fun way to let
loose and an escape from the mundane reality of day-to-day life.

Plan your own outfit, or alternatively,
team up with friends and match.

As mentioned, you can’t really go wrong
with a bohemian vibe or rock and roll look at a festival. But really, anything
goes at most music festivals. If you fancy rocking that Pikachu onesie, go for
it! A music festival is one of the only places where you can dress as you
please with little judgment so make the most of it.

If you don’t want to go too over the top,
you can simply choose some key pieces that will look great at a festival. Denim
shorts, fringed clothing, and sequins always make for a fantastic festival

It’s a super easy way to add a dose of
texture and edginess to your festival look. Adding lashings
of glitter
is another easy way to prepare for a festival without having to
put too much effort in!

Don’t Forget the Basics

Nobody likes to be too sensible at a
festival – but it pays to make some practical decisions ahead of the big event!

As tempting as it is to wear your
cute sandals
or comfy flip flops, this is a no-go. A music festival isn’t
the Four Seasons, after all.

You’ll be using porta-potties shared with
thousands of other people, there will be litter everywhere, there may be mud,
and there’s a huge chance you’ll step in something unsavory. Not only will it
be a gross experience, but your feet will look horrible too!

Stick to runners, rubber wellington boots,
or closed-toe flats depending on the weather. Don’t bring any new shoes or any
pairs that you mind getting roughed up – the more beat up your shoes, the

Likewise, it’s important to wear layers or
at least bring a light coat. Often at summer music festivals, it can be boiling
during the day and can rapidly cool down during the evening. Plus, you’ll be
moving in an out of hot tents and arenas, so you’re likely to be warm one
minute and cold the next. You never know if
it will rain
, either!

By wearing layers, you can control how warm
you are throughout the day and night. A great idea is to bring an item you can
tie around your waist during the day, like a light jacket or flannel shirt.
Alternatively, you could bring a scarf that’s big enough to cover your
shoulders at night.

There’s nothing worse than feeling stuck at
a festival once it’s dark and you’re feeling too cold to enjoy the music. And
you definitely want to avoid spending a fortune on the sweatshirts from the
merchandise tents!

Ready to Dress for a Music Festival?

If you follow our tips, you’re sure to look
incredible at the next summer music festival, while also feeling comfortable
within yourself.

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summer fashion trends
for 2019 you should be following – many of which
would look amazing at a summer music festival!

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