A Tourist Guide To The Best Things To Do In New Orleans

Is this your first time visiting New Orleans? Here’s a tourist guide to the best things to do in New Orleans, no matter what your budget is!

Traveling has a ton of benefits, including making you smarter or even just giving you a break from everyday life.

Going to new places and experiencing things that you may not normally get to do or see is healthy for you.

Have you ever been to New Orleans? If not, now is the time to go! There are plenty of things to do in New Orleans and no matter who you are, you will find something you enjoy.

Check out some of the best attractions in New Orleans that you don’t want to miss out on and see if you can find any excuse not to book your flight right away.

Top 10 Things to Do in New Orleans 

When you go to a big city like New Orleans, there are a ton of things that you can do! If you’ve got a limited amount of time in the city, you want to do the things that are the most fun.

Besthoff Sculpture Garden

Near the New Orleans Museum of Art, this is a wonderful park to spend a few hours walking around or just sitting and chatting. You will see a lot of unique and wonderful sculptures around this garden and can enjoy the outdoor space.

Café du Monde

Usually, this is a place that you will find a ton of tourists and that probably isn’t what you are looking for. Truthfully, however, it is an iconic part of anyone’s experience in New Orleans and can’t be missed! 

A warm beignet and a nice cup of coffee is a great deal and something that will definitely be social media worthy. Don’t forget to bring some cash with you and try not to go during the breakfast rush.

Voodoo Museum

This museum is situated near the infamous Bourbon Street and Royal Street. It is a small museum, but due to the integral role that voodoo plays in the history of New Orleans, it is a must-see. 

Although it is only two rooms, it is one of the only museums in the whole world dedicated to voodoo specifically.

Jackson Square

Located in the French Quarter, this is a historic park that is popular with tourists and locals alike. It was declared a National Historic Landmark because of its history and role in past New Orleans during the Louisiana Purchase.

There are some gorgeous landscapes and statues that you can check out at this park. It’s a great place to take some photos and just spend some time relaxing.

Bourbon Street

What would a list of things in New Orleans be without this attraction? In fact, even if you aren’t a big partier or drinker, you can still enjoy Bourbon Street! There are some wonderful restaurants and shows that can be caught if you know where to go.

National WWII Museum

This museum is dedicated to the military history of the United States, specifically during World War II. Previously named the National D-Day Museum, it offers a lot of information about the involvement of the US military during WWII, including exhibits focused on specific soldiers and people involved.

St. Louis Cathedral

Even if you aren’t a particularly religious person, this is a gorgeous cathedral to visit in New Orleans. Formally, it is called the Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Lous, King of France. 

This is the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans and is also the oldest cathedral in the entire country. It was dedicated to Saint Louis, who was King Louis IX of France.

Shops of the Colonnade

This is an old-fashioned shopping area located in the French Quarter. You can find a lot of different stuff here, such as candy, souvenirs, or even clothing.

Made up of a bunch of different commercial buildings, this shopping area actually goes over about 6 different blocks. It’s the oldest of its type in the United States and predates European colonization.

Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve

Wetlands, historic sites, and fun boat tours are some of the things that you can experience at this location in New Orleans. Although it is a little outside of the actual city, it is beautiful and makes up for being out of the way with all of the great experiences that can be had.

This location protects the natural and cultural resources of the Mississippi River in Louisiana. Jean Lafitte was a pirate, whom the park is named for, and it has six separate sites that you can check out. 

Preservation Hall

If you like jazz, you can not miss this place in New Orleans! This is a historic location and a jazz venue located in the French Quarter. There is a house band, a record label is housed here, and you can even find a non-profit foundation.

Ready to Start Exploring?

With all of the history to see and fun that can be had in New Orleans, you don’t want to miss a thing. History can be a great experience and learning from the past helps you grow as a person! 

Not only that, but you also get to have a great time in a fun city.

No matter what you enjoy doing, you will find things to do in New Orleans that you will never forget. You may even want to go back and visit just to do it again later!

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