7 Inspiring Films For Travelers

traveler? Then you’ll love these adventurous flicks that focus on adventure and
self-discovery, taking place all around the globe.

The best travel films are the ones that
make your feet itch and inspire you to hop on to your laptop to book a flight
ticket for the next big trip. They push you off the sofa and onto a plane
because if you’ve seen it happen on screen, you feel you can do it too.

While there are tonnes of epic travel films
that make us itch for adventure and escape, here are some of the best. Always
dream big, guys!

1. The Beach

Leonardo DiCaprio stars as a broke traveler
seeking paradise among the post-card perfect islands of Thailand.

Based on Alex Garland’s
, watching the unspoiled
, crystal-clear waters, and verdant jungles on the screen will have
you drooling over Thailand. If you haven’t been yet, you’ll want to after
watching The Beach!

We won’t spoil the film, but the plot sees Leonardo’s
character Richard join two other young backpackers to discover that parts of
Thailand aren’t as perfect as they initially seem.

2. Wild

Based on the memoir of the same name,
Wild follows real-life protagonist Cheryl Strayed as she hikes the Pacific
Crest Trail along America’s west coast to deal with the pain of her mother’s
death and the dramatic breakdown of her marriage.

An inspiring story, Cheryl uses her
adventure as a means of restarting her life after coping with her losses, as
well to end her drug addiction.

Reese Witherspoon shines with her
performance and does well to convey the high emotional impact of the book.

3. Lost in Translation

A film rated highly among film critics,
Lost in Translation sees two lost souls played by Bill Murray and Scarlett
Johansson build a relationship while they’re both residing in chaotic Tokyo.

Bonded by their self-imposed confinement,
the pair discover the city together and grow closer and closer.

Whether there’s more than friendship
between this unlikely pairing, we’ll never know. But that’s the beauty of the
film – it illustrates the unusual yet special relationships we create while

The excitement of Tokyo as its portrayed
on-screen with its exotic sights, sounds, and energy will have you eager to
book a flight to Japan.

4. Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Oozing passion and sex appeal, this Woody
Allen film follows two girlfriends on a summer holiday in Barcelona who both
become smitten with the same Spanish painter. When his fiery ex joins the
crowd, it becomes even more complicated.

The real star of the film though? The
stunning city that is Barcelona. Viewers can admire the magic of the city on
screen, as they’re treated to scenes set in delightful locations spread across

5. Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight

The three films in this trilogy take place a
decade apart and were filmed in three different European locations: Vienna,
Paris, and Greece. Adored by travelers and romance film fans alike, there’s a good
reason why the trilogy is so popular.

The first movie sees Jesse and Celine meet
on a train traveling through Europe and striking up an instant connection the
pair decide to disembark the train in Vienna to spend one night together.

As you can imagine, the story doesn’t end
there and the pair end up creating an interesting relationship over several

6. Eat, Pray, Love

Based on the book of the same
, this quintessential travel film based on a true story sees Elizabeth
Gilbert take a year out to ‘find herself’ following the breakdown of her

Follow Elizabeth as she journeys to three
completely different parts of the world – Italy, India, and Indonesia.

A film about stepping outside your comfort
zone and embarking on the travel plans you never thought would happen, you’ll
be rushing to negotiate a sabbatical after watching this feel-good flick.

7. Into the Wild

Based on a true story, this film follows
Christopher McCandless as he gives up his material life to take an epic road
trip through the USA, ending up in wild and wintery Alaska.

Christopher’s true aim of the trip was to
get back in touch with real life and nature after graduating college, instead
of following the wishes of his parents to secure a high-paying job to make lots
of money.

Although the film concludes with a sad
ending, the movie is a poignant reminder that we could all make the effort to
enjoy life more rather than focusing on material objects.

Which of These Travel Films Have You Seen?

Seen some of these travel films already?
Which are your favorites?

If your feet are feeling pretty itchy, don’t
worry. Ours are too! And while you may not have the funds for a big adventure right
now, there’s plenty of time to get saving. Let us help, with our tips on how
to start saving for your dream vacation

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