5 Incredible Road Trips To Take In Australia

Heading down under? Here are five epic road trips to embark on round Australia.

Thinking of heading down under? There are plenty of ways to travel this
expansive land that’s so heavily dominated by jaw-dropping landscapes, but none
are more adventurous and exciting than a classic road trip.

Not only will the experience be one you’ll remember forever, but you’ll
have the opportunity to stop off wherever takes your interest. The freedom is
all yours!

There’s nothing like throwing your backpack into the rear of the car, popping
on some funky tunes, and hitting the open road. With an epic road trip, the
journey becomes just as important as the destination.

But as Australia offers such a huge amount of land to cover, you’ll
likely need to pick and choose which parts of Australia to explore. Don’t
worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are five incredible road trips to take in

1. The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

The Great Ocean Road isn’t just one of Australia’s
most famous road trips, it’s also one of the worlds.

Stretching across the Southern Coast from
Torquay to Allansford in Victoria, many take the trip starting from Melbourne
to Adelaide to cover more ground.

What makes this road trip world-famous?
Well, the coastal views are to die for, and visitors can expect to marvel at
dramatic ocean rock formations, including the famous Twelve Apostles. Don’t
miss exploring the rest of Port
Campbell National Park
where they reside, however. It’s also home to the
dreamy beach of Loch Ard Gorge – a site of a 19th-century shipwreck
– and the impressive cliff-face of Gibson Steps.

While many rush the trip as a return tour
from Melbourne, we recommend taking your time over a couple of days to explore
the leafy rainforests, dazzling waterfalls, and quaint towns dotted along the scenic

2. Tasmania’s East Coast

Tasmania’s island status often means it’s
missed out from a trip to Australia. However, this means that those that do make
the extra effort to visit are rewarded with stunning natural scenery that’s
blissfully uncrowded.

Tasmania’s East Coast is full of treats,
including plenty of towns producing delicious wines, cheese, and seafood, deserted
, and world-class walking tracks through astonishing backdrops.

With short and sweet distances compared to
the rest of the country, stop off at stunning spots such as Freycinet
National Park
featuring sleepy azure bays and granite mountains, and Bay of
Fires which is famous for its orange-tinged boulder rocks that sit against
crystal-clear blue waters.

3. Perth to Broome, Western Australia

The remote stretch of coastline from Perth
to Broome in Western Australia is usually overlooked, dominated by the
popularity of the East coast.

However, the sights are just as impressive,
and with so many fewer visitors, perhaps even more so.

Explore the sandy pinnacles desert, share
the waters with playful dolphins in Monkey Mia, and dare to swim side by side
with manta rays and sharks in the tropical Ningaloo Reef.

As well as nature spotting, you’ll find
plenty of pristine and empty beaches to rest your head on following a hectic
day exploring. And if you enjoy hiking, there are plenty of incredible National
Parks to explore, such as Kalbarri
National Park
, featuring plenty of dramatic gorges surrounded by Australian
red rock.

4. Brisbane to Cairns, East Coast

One of the most popular road trip routes in
Australia, this winding drive sticks close to the coast and passes some of
Australia’s most famous natural highlights. Expect to explore the renowned
spots of Fraser Island, the Whitsundays, and, of course, the world-famous Great
Barrier Reef.

If you’re new to Australia, this well-trodden
road trip is a great one to start with, and one that will certainly keep you
busy! Skydiving, rafting, jungle trekking, and scuba diving are just some of
the exciting activities you can get involved with.

5. Darwin to Adelaide

Fancy driving straight through the center
of Australia? Starting from Darwin to Adelaide or vice versa, this classic road
trip does exactly that.

Follow the lonely road that drives through
the heart of Australia, and marvel how the scenery changes throughout your

Marvel at Uluru, the ginormous sacred red
rock found in the center of the country, take a wild walk around the rim of
Kings Canyon and explore the vast national parks of the Northern territory.

You’ll need a minimum of 10 days for this
epic road trip, but we recommend longer if you have the time to thoroughly
explore what the red center has to offer. When you reach your final
destination, it will be quite an achievement!

Which Australian
Road Trip Will You Take?

Whether you have
time for one of these great Australian road trips, or you have the freedom to travel
a few of them, your time down under will be truly unforgettable after
experiencing Aussie life on the road.

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