10 Underrated Spots to Visit in Europe This Summer

We all want to visit the big famous cities in Europe, but did you know that the continent offers plenty of secret hidden gems? Here are the top 10 underrated spots to visit in Europe this summer.

When it comes to incredible vacation spots,
we all know that Europe is teaming with choices. From the post-card perfect white-washed
buildings of Santorini to the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris, there are countless
famous spots to visit.

While these renowned holiday spots are of
course worth a visit, have you ever thought about the hidden gems that Europe
is packed full of?

These are the vacation locations that the
crowds haven’t yet discovered and will win your hearts over unexpectedly.

Curious of these mystical secret spots?
We’re here to spill. Here are 10 underrated spots to visit in Europe this

Be quick as it’s only a matter of time
until these top spots start drawing in the tourists!

Piran, Slovenia

Positioned on the Adriatic coast, Piran is often
dubbed as the ‘Venice of Slovenia’. Lined with red-roofed buildings and
surrounded by water, this is one underrated spot that makes for stunning

This summer relax in the city’s pretty
Tartini Square and enjoy a refreshing cocktail in the sun as you people watch.

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

More and more visitors are clocking on to
Montenegro, but the small islet of Sveti Stefan is still one spot that’s
relatively quiet. And it doesn’t really get more picturesque than this!

Home to some stunning hotels and resorts,
the area is connected to the mainland via a narrow strip of beach. Take a visit
and enjoy a summer snooze on one of the beautiful
of the islet.

Lake Komani, Albania

During the summer months, it’s lovely to
spend time by the water and Lake Komani in the North of Albania is a nature
lover’s haven.

Albania is billed to be Europe’s next big
summer destination, so book those flights before the tourists come swarming in!

Cuenca, Spain

Spain is full of popular holiday
destinations – Barcelona, Madrid, and Ibiza come to mind for example. But have
you ever heard of the city of Cuenca?

This underrated Spanish city boasts a UNESCO world heritage status and
roaming past the colorful houses, castle ruins, and charming architecture is
simply magical.

Camogli, Italy

With the limelight usually shining on its neighbor
Portofino, the small fishing village of Camogli is massively overlooked.

Home to colorful buildings, a long history,
superb hotels, quaint bakeries, and a chilled out vibe, this is one spot you
shouldn’t miss on an Italian
coastal road trip

Andros, Greece

The island of Andros is just a short ferry
ride away from Greece’s capital city of Athens and is a local’s secret for
those seeking refuge from hot summer’s in the city.

Largely untouched for decades, Andros is
the perfect island to discover deserted beaches to lounge on and to explore
charming coastal towns such as Chora.

Mellieha, Malta

The large village
of Mellieha in Malta is full of summer attractions, from some of Europe’s best
coastal reefs to snorkel to the gorgeous Golden Bay beach to sunbathe on.

Check out Popeye
Village too – it’s a former film set turned dreamy beachside resort.

Carvoeiro, Portugal

With only two roads leading to the main
square, the quiet town of Carvoeiro is known for its fisherman rather than its
raving nightlife. The coastal views are simply stunning and it’s the perfect
underrated spot to sit back and watch the world go by – sans tourists!

Close by, the striking Benagil Caves are
well worth a visit.

Ghent, Belgium

When you think of visiting Belgium, it’s
often the cities of Brussels, Antwerp, or even Bruges that spring to mind.

However, with charming streets, beautiful
canals, trendy bars, and fascinating museums Ghent may just be Belgium’s best-kept

Take a summer stroll to Gravensteen, a 10th-century
castle featuring moats and epic views. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped out a fairy-tale.

Zadar, Croatia

In July 2017, the culture-rich city of
Zadar was added to the UNESCO world heritage list, so expect more visitors to flock
to the city within the next couple of years!

Stroll through the old streets and visit
the crashing waves of the ocean. Just a short journey out of the city, you can
discover plenty of nature, wine, and local restaurants with even fewer crowds.

Which of These Underrated Spots Will You

If you’re looking to discover Europe
off-the-beaten-track, then heading to one of these 10 underrated spots is sure
to be an experience to remember.

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